Desert Hacienda reads the meters for Electric, Gas and Water. Utility Meters are read the 9thof every month including weekends and holidays. Please ensure your gates are unlocked and animals are secured. If the lock on your meter is locked and unavailable for reading it will be cut at owner's expense. In addition, there is a fine for late meter readings.


Utility payments are due the 1stof every month. A late fee will be added if payment is not received by the 10th of the month.


Utilities are the Property Owner’s responsibility. Desert Hacienda will place the utility account in the residents name as a courtesy upon receipt of a deposit. If the utilities are shut off, there is a reconnection fee, and any outstanding balances must be paid before services can be restored. Any outstanding balances for utilities after the deposit is applied, it becomes the responsibility of the owner of the property. Failure to pay may result in the account being referred to collections, lien, and foreclosure.


It is illegal to turn on /off or tamper with meters. Meter tampering will result in a fine and bill for usage. If you need the utilities turned on or off for any reason, please contact Desert Hacienda’s Office. 



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